Do Sundews Eat Spiders?

Do Sundews Eat Spiders

Sundews are known for eating mostly flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. But can these carnivorous plants also digest spiders? When you see one of these things on your sundew, do you let the plant have it? Or should you remove the bug? If you have always wondered about this, you are in the right … Read more

Can Sundews Eat Frogs?

Can Sundews Eat Frogs

When we think of food for sundews, mosquitoes, flies and other flying or crawling insects come to mind. But what should you do if you see a frog caught in one of its tentacles? Do you remove the frog or let the sundew digest it? Is this safe for the plant or does it pose … Read more

Do Sundew Plants Eat Meat?

Do Sundew Plants Eat Meat

We know that sundews are carnivorous plants, so they eat insects and any prey that falls into their trap. But what other types of meat can they eat? Can you feed hamburgers to sundews for instance? Knowing what these carnivorous plants can and cannot digest is essential for any would-be grower. To feed them properly … Read more

Can Sundews Eat Humans?

Can Sundews Eat Humans

Sci-fi and horror movies sometimes show giant plants eating people, so it is natural to wonder if this can happen in real life. Can sundews actually eat people? Since they eat animals, do they also have a taste for humans? If you have never grown a carnivorous plant before, this guide should set your mind … Read more

Can Sundews Eat Ants?

Can Sundews Eat Ants

Sundews are carnivorous plants that feed mostly on flies. But what if you see an ant caught in one of its leaves? Do you just let the plant consume the bug or try to remove it? You are in the right place as this article will explain what you need to know about ants and … Read more

Do Sundews Attract Fruit Flies?

Do Sundews Attract Flies

Sundews eat all kinds of small insects, and though not their intention, it does hels keep pests away. But can you use these carnivorous plants to keep fruit flies at bay? Just how effective can sundews be as natural fly controllers? If you want to buy sundews for this purpose, this guide is for you. … Read more

Can You Overfeed a Sundew?

Can You Overfeed a Sundew

Watching sundews trap and eat insects can be fascinating and it is the reason why it is a very popular carnivorous plant. Insects provide nutrients for the plant, but is there such a thing as overfeeding? Could you end up giving your sundews too much nutrient? If you are new to these plants or want … Read more

Do Sundews Eat Aphids?

Do Sundews Eat Aphids

Sundews are carnivorous plants that often try to eat whatever bug gets caught in their trap, and that includes aphids. However, aphids (greenflies) might also cause a few problems so you need to keep an eye on things if there are many of these around your plant. Sundews trap and eat small bugs like flies, … Read more

Can You Eat Sundews?

Can You Eat Sundews

Sundews are nice to look at, but more than their appearance people love these plants because they eat bugs. If you ever seen a drosera digest an insect, you have probably also wondered, what would happen if an animal or human ate sundews? What would be the consequences? Is it harmless or dangerous? Humans and … Read more

Can Sundews Eat Mealworms?

Can Sundews Eat Mealworms

Sundews typically eat mosquitoes, flies and other insects, but suppose bugs are few and far between in your area? Would mealworms be a suitable replacement? Can sundews eat them and more importantly, do mealworms have the nutrients that the plant needs? While sundews feed primarily on insects, they can also eat mealworms. Mealworms are rich … Read more