Do Pitcher Plants Make Their Own Food?

Do Pitcher Plants Make Their Own Food

Contrary to popular belief, pitcher plants do not eat insects for food. All these species including nepenthes and sarracenia are capable of making their own through natural means. In this article you will learn how these carnivorous plants make food, why they still eat insects, and why you should feed them if prey is unavailable. … Read more

Do Pitcher Plants Eat Frogs?

Do Pitcher Plants Eat Frogs

When feeding your pitcher plant, what do you usually give it? For most people that would be insects, fish food or mealworms. But you have probably seen or heard stories of pitcher plants eating frogs. Is this true and should you allow your plant to consume them? Pitcher plants often feed on small insects, but … Read more

Do Pitcher Plants Need Bugs?

Do Pitcher Plants Need Bugs

Pitcher plants and bug eating seemingly go hand in hand. That is why they are called carnivorous plants after all, because they eat insects. But do these plants actually have to do that? What will happen if you do not give them any bugs? This a question that often comes up so we will answer … Read more

Do Pitcher Plants Eat Honey Bees?

Do Pitcher Plants Eat Honey Bees

Found along marshes, bogs and swamps, pitcher plants have also made their way to homes as people continue to be fascinated by them. Pitcher plants feed on insects for nutrition, but do they also consume bees? What happens if they do? If you do not often hear bees being eaten by nepenthes. there is a … Read more

Can Pitcher Plants Eat Crickets?

Can Pitcher Plants Eat Crickets

Pitcher plants naturally grow in wetlands, but they can easily adapt to life in a garden or in the case of nepenthes, indoors. If you are growing these plants for the first time and wondering if they should eat crickets, this guide is going to provide the answers. Pitcher plants eat crickets to boost their … Read more

Can Pitcher Plants Eat Snails?

Can Pitcher Plants Eat Snails

It is true that pitcher plants usually feed on insects, spiders and other small bugs that fall into their traps. But occasionally you might see a snail caught in one of its pitchers. Should you just leave the snail there or will it cause problems for the plant? While rare this can happen, so it … Read more

Can Pitcher Plants Eat Roaches?

Can Pitcher Plants Eat Roaches

Naturally found in wetlands, swamps and bogs, pitcher plants are now grown in homes and gardens throughout the world. Yes they can catch flies and other insects with their traps, but the real question is, can pitcher plants dispose of cockroaches and keep those pests away from our homes? Pitcher plants can eat small cockroaches … Read more

Can Pitcher Plants Eat Worms?

Can Pitcher Plants Eat Worms

When the word pitcher plant food is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is an insect. But many people feed worms to their pitcher plants, specifically mealworms and bloodworms. Is this a good idea or one you have to avoid? If you are growing these plants for the first time, it is understandable … Read more

Can You Feed Pitcher Plants Meat?

Can You Feed Pitcher Plants Meat

Pitcher plants are carnivorous and eat all kinds of small bugs, whether they are in the wild or in a garden. With their need for meat-based nutrients, is it safe to give pitcher plants hamburger, hot dogs or other foods? While these plants are meat eaters, proper feeding is essential for their growth and health. … Read more

Do Pitcher Plants Eat Ladybugs?

Do Pitcher Plants Eat Lady Bugs

Pitcher plants have become popular among those who want something unique in their garden and plant collection. With their striking appearance and unique way of eating bugs, they can easily become a centerpiece. Ladybugs are among the most common insects so is it safe to let your pitcher plants eat these? Pitcher plants consume ladybugs … Read more