Do Pitcher Plants Eat Frogs?

Do Pitcher Plants Eat Frogs

When feeding your pitcher plant, what do you usually give it? For most people that would be insects, fish food or mealworms. But you have probably seen or heard stories of pitcher plants eating frogs. Is this true and should you allow your plant to consume them? Pitcher plants often feed on small insects, but … Read more

Can Pitcher Plants Eat Roaches?

Can Pitcher Plants Eat Roaches

Naturally found in wetlands, swamps and bogs, pitcher plants are now grown in homes and gardens throughout the world. Yes they can catch flies and other insects with their traps, but the real question is, can pitcher plants dispose of cockroaches and keep those pests away from our homes? Pitcher plants can eat small cockroaches … Read more

Do Pitcher Plants Eat Ladybugs?

Do Pitcher Plants Eat Lady Bugs

Pitcher plants have become popular among those who want something unique in their garden and plant collection. With their striking appearance and unique way of eating bugs, they can easily become a centerpiece. Ladybugs are among the most common insects so is it safe to let your pitcher plants eat these? Pitcher plants consume ladybugs … Read more