Growing Sundews – Feeding, Light, Water, Soil Requirements

Sundew plants (Drosera spp.) are fascinating carnivorous plants known for their unique ability to capture and digest insects. With their delicate and dew-covered tentacles, these remarkable plants have captured the interest of plant enthusiasts and hobbyists. In this guide, we will explore the basics of sundew plant cultivation, providing you with the knowledge needed to … Read more

Drosera Capillaris Care | Pink Sundew

Drosera Capillaris Care Pink Sundew

Drosera capillaris are natively found in the southeastern parts of the US, Brazil and many South American countries. Its bright pink flowers have earned it the moniker Pink Sundew. Caring for drosera capillaris is quite simple, which makes this a good choice for a beginner. Drosera capillaris grows in sunny and humid conditions, with temperature … Read more

Drosera Filiformis Care | Drosera Tracyi

Drosera Filiformis Care

Drosera filiformis is probably best known for their tentacles which can grow up to 18 inches. Also known as Thread-leaf sundews, these plants come in several variants and forms which may confuse a beginner. In this guide you will learn the necessary steps to care for D. filiformis and D. tracyi and how to distinguish … Read more

Drosera Adelae Care | Lance Leaf Sundew

Drosera Adelae Care Lance Leaf Sundew

Drosera adelae can be a somewhat challenging plant for newbies to grow, but by no means impossible. If you want to cultivate D. adelae (or Lance Leaf Sundews), please go over this entire guide so you will have an idea what conditions are ideal for this carnivorous plant and how to avoid mistakes. Drosera adelae … Read more

Drosera Burmannii Care | Burmese Sundews

Drosera Burmannii Care Burmese Sundew

Drosera burmannii is one of the most striking carnivorous plants you can grow. Caring for D. burmannii or Burmese Sundews is easier than you may think. Even if you are a beginner, this simple step by step guide will show you everything required for their cultivation. Drosera burmannii grows best in moist soil, preferably 1:1 … Read more

Drosera Aliciae Care | Alice Sundews

Drosera Aliciae Care Alice Sundew

Drosera aliciae is one of the easiest sundews to care for. Also known as the Alice Sundew, it is a lovely plant that can handle weather fluctuations better than other sundew species. This makes the D. aliciae resilient and well suited for first time growers. This guide explains the requirements to grow and care for … Read more

Drosera Capensis Care | Cape Sundew

Drosera Capensis Care Complete Guide

Drosera capensis or Cape Sundews is the most popular drosera variant. It is a beautiful carnivorous plant and also happens to be one of the easiest to grow. If you are interested in caring for drosera capensis, this guide explains everything you need to get started. Drosera capensis needs 8 hours of full and partial … Read more