Are Butterworts Easy to Grow?

Are Butterworts Easy to Grow

Butterworts are most commonly found throughout Mexico, hence the name Mexican butterworts. They are beautiful plants, bloom twice a year, eat bugs and need little maintenance. Even if you are new to planting, raising butterworts (also known as pinguicula or ping) is simple. Butterworts are easy to grow when given 6-8 hours of light and … Read more

Do Butterworts Attract Bugs?

DO Butterworts Attract Bugs

Whether you call them butterworts or pinguicula, these plants are among the most well known bug eating plants out there. Yes, butterworts trap and eat bugs, but the question is why, and second, how do they do it? Those will be answered in this guide. If you want to grow any butterworts, knowing their habits … Read more

Do Mexican Butterworts Eat Gnats?

Do Mexican Buttersworts Eat Gnats

Gnats are annoying persistent pests and getting rid of them can be a real challenge. One way to do it is with a carnivorous plant like Mexican butterworts. They not only eat flies but can also be effective when it comes to getting rid of fungus gnats. However before you get one there are some … Read more

Do Mexican Butterworts Need Dormancy?

Do Mexican Buttersworts Need Dormancy 2

There is a lot of confusion about dormancy in Mexican butterworts (pinguicula or ping to growers). These are tropical plants so they do not go dormant right? Mexican pinguicula is indeed a tropical plant, but they do go through dormancy, albeit in a different way. During dormancy, the leaves of Mexican butterworts turn succulent, stop … Read more

Do Butterworts Eat Flies?

Do Butterworts Eat Flies

Butterworts may not be as popular as Venus flytraps, but when it comes to eating bugs these plants can hold their own. But just how effective is the pinguicula when it comes to flies? Can they eat these common household pests and help you get rid of them? The sticky leaves on butterworts traps flies … Read more

Are Butterworts Succulents?

Are Butterworts Succulents

Mexican butterworts come in different colors and variants, but most of them look like succulent plants. Is this just an uncanny resemblance or should butterworts be classified as succulents? The answer can be quite complicated but this article will simplify it for you. Mexican butterworts transform into succulent plants during winter. But butterworts are not … Read more

Are Butterworts Poisonous?

are butterworts poisonous

Butterworts (pinguicula) are carnivorous plants that feed on insects and other small animals. If you have ever seen bugs stuck or eaten by one of these, you have probably wondered, are these plants toxic? Is it safe to have them at home? Those questions will all be answered here. Butterworts are not poisonous to humans … Read more