When Do Venus Flytraps Flower?

Venus flytraps are famous for trapping and eating bugs, and it’s what draws us to them. But these plants also flower. Flowering Venus flytraps is something you don’t see every day though, and in this guide I will explain why. Venus flytraps flower in springtime, but the process weakens the plant and may prevent it … Read more

How Strong is a Venus Flytrap?

Few plants hold our attention like the Venus flytrap. Watching a trapped insect struggle to escape, it makes you wonder just how strong these carnivorous plants are. The force between two Venus flytrap lobe rims is 149 mN, and the rim pressure is 41kPa. In simple terms, their traps are very strong and small insects will … Read more

Nepenthes Lowii Care

Nepenthes Lowii Care

With its distinctly shaped green-purple pitchers, nepenthes lowii is going to stand out among other plants anywhere. Native to Borneo, n. lowii is easy to grow and adapts well to indoors and outdoors. The key is making sure the environment is conducive to growth and development. This highland pitcher plant prefers high humidity and 65-80 … Read more