When Do Venus Flytraps Flower?

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Venus flytraps are famous for trapping and eating bugs, and it’s what draws us to them. But these plants also flower. Flowering Venus flytraps is something you don’t see every day though, and in this guide I will explain why.

Venus flytraps flower in springtime, but the process weakens the plant and may prevent it from producing traps. Cut the flower stalk when it grows 2 inches high and your Venus flytrap will flourish.

How Often Do Venus Flytraps Flower?

A Venus flytrap can start flowering after 2 years. Just like other plants, Venus flytrap flowers contain seeds for propagation purposes.

Venus flytraps only flower during spring, and they are not the same as traps. Its traps are leaves which evolved to catch and eat insects, serving as a mouth and digestive system. Large Venus flytraps produce several traps simultaneously.

Its flowers serve the same purpose as those of other plants. Each one contains several seeds and lures pollinators but not insects. The flowers keep the pollinators away from the traps as they are needed by the plant.

How Long Does It Take For Venus Flytraps to Flower?

Healthy Venus flytraps don’t take long to flower in spring. You can easily spot its white flowers atop the stalks.

Each stalk can grow up to 6-8 inches. Venus flytraps have these long stalks to protect its pollinators from falling into the traps.

Venus flytrap stalks grow in the middle of the plant, its cylindrical shape standing out from the rest. Nodes appear on the stalk as it grows, which eventually produce flowers.

Should I Let My Venus Flytraps Flower?

The quick answer is no. Venus flytraps use so much energy to flower, its trap production will slow down.

A well-cared for Venus flytrap is not going to die when it flowers. It can live for many years while flowering each spring. A sickly Venus flytrap however, isn’t going to survive.

But even healthy Venus flytraps will have a hard time making traps when they flower. Each stalk yields several nodes which bloom. If the plant grows multiple stocks, imagine how many flowers it will yield.

That is well and good if you like Venus flytrap flowers. But that leaves the plant with little energy left for traps. It might be able to produce a few, but some stop entirely.

So while flowering is not fatal for healthy Venus flytraps, it limits or takes away its ability to generate traps. And for a lot of people, the traps are what makes the Venus flytrap enticing.

Can Venus Flytraps Survive without Flowers?

Venus flytraps will survive. As long as the plant is in the proper environment, traps will continue to grow. In fact it is going to yield more traps when it doesn’t have to bloom.

To keep it simple:

If you want to see Venus flytraps flower, let them grow. It will mean fewer traps though. Flowering requires plenty of energy so you have to take good care of the plant.

If you want to grow as many traps as possible, cut the flower stalk when it is 2 inches tall. Don’t wait for the stalks to mature and flower. By that time the plant will have used a lot of resources already.

Do Venus Flytraps Live Longer without Flowers?

Many factors determine how long a Venus flytrap lives. But generally, these plants thrive when it doesn’t flower.

You’re probably asking: why not let my Venus flytrap flower so I can collect the seeds and grow more? In theory it sounds good, but there are more benefits to not flowering.

Produce more traps. Some people may find Venus flytrap flowers pretty, but most prefer the traps.

It’s what Venus flytraps are best known for. Would you rather watch its flowers bloom or see a bug get caught and eaten in one of its traps? By removing its flower stalks, you free up the plant to focus on trap production.

Longer lifespan. Flowering plants doesn’t necessarily mean it is thriving. Sometimes struggling plants – including Venus flytraps – focus on flowering as a last resort.

The less flowering a Venus flytrap does, the more energy it has for making traps. If those traps catch insects and provide nutrients for the plant, it can prolong its life.

Seed propagation is hard. It takes time for Venus flytraps to mature from seeds. The plants grown from self pollinated seeds are usually not as healthy as those cross-pollinated.

Other ways to propagate. It is easier to propagate Venus flytraps from stalk or leaf cuttings. Mix equal parts perlite and peat moss in a pot or better yet, use Leaves and Soul soil mix.

Add water and put the cut stalks or leaf in it. Leave it under the sun and you’ll see plantlets grow in a month or two.

Do Venus Flytraps Flower in Winter?

Venus flytraps that flower in winter are not getting enough water or sunlight. This is an indication the plant is not doing well.

A healthy Venus flytrap flowers in spring and goes dormant in winter. Its life cycle should follow the seasons, otherwise it will get sick.

If your Venus flytrap blooms when it should be dormant, cut the stalk right away. Check if the soil is moist and add water if needed.

Relocate the plant so it can get more light. You should also look at the temperature if it is too hot or cold.

Do not worry about feeding. It is more important for the plant to get sufficient light and water.

Does Flowering Kill Venus Flytraps?

No. Blooming is natural for Venus flytraps so it won’t kill the plant. A flowering plant means it is capable of seed propagation.

But growing stalks means less energy for traps. Venus flytraps cannot produce large amounts of both.

Unless you want to try seed propagation or just like Venus flytrap flowers, you should chop the stalks when they reach 1-2 inches. Let the plant use that energy to make traps.

Do Venus Flytraps Flower in Summer?

Normally it should not. Venus flytraps bloom in spring, grow in summer, drop its leaves in the fall and go dormant in winter.

That is the plant’s usual life cycle. But due to changing weather conditions and other factors, Venus flytraps can bloom during summer.

This is not fatal to the plant, but it will slow growth. Cut the flower stalks and relocate the plant to a more suitable habitat. If a Venus flytrap doesn’t move in sync with the season, something is wrong with its environment.

Can You Prevent Venus Flytraps from Flowering?

The easiest way to do this is to remove the flower stalks as soon as possible. Once you see the stalks, use a pair of garden scissors to remove it.

The stalks are cylindrical and grow in the center so they’re easy to spot. Be careful not to cut other parts of the plant. This is why I recommend waiting until the stalk is 1-2 inches so they are easier to cut.


How big can Venus flytrap flower stalks grow?

An average stalk can grow up to 8 inches long. It’s no surprise then that the plant allocates so much of its resources to it.

What color is a Venus flytrap flower?

Venus flytraps produce a white colored flower. Each one contains several seeds for propagation.

How long do Venus flytraps make flowers?

Venus flytraps flower from May to June. Its health determines how many flowers are produced.

How do I make Venus flytraps flower?

If you want Venus flytraps to flower, provide it with at least 6 hours of light. Indoor grow lights will work too.

Use only nutrient-free soil and keep the Venus flytrap in 70-95 F temperature. Ideal humidity is at 50%.

Venus flytraps can survive in 40 F winter temperature. Anything lower is fatal,

Make sure the plant has access to insects. If not, feed it every two weeks.